• Hot air balloons as they pass by Kilgore during the East Texas annual hot air balloon race.
  • The famous Kilgore Rangerettes
  • Downtown Kilgore during hot air balloon race after party.

City of Kilgore

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Surrounded by the lush green pine forests and clear blue lakes of East Texas, Kilgore has a long and unusual history that sets the stage for today’s unique community. Plantation owners settled the area before the Civil War.  Kilgore itself was established in 1872 with the coming of the Great Northern Railroad.  A quiet farming community of 500, Kilgore was thrust into the international spotlight in the 1930s with the discovery of one of the greatest oil fields of our time. In just ten short days, the town’s population exploded as more that 10,000 fortune seekers swarmed Kilgore from all over the world,  By 1939, a forest of nearly 1,200 oil derricks crowded together within the city limits-most concentrated within one square block that became known as the World’s Richest Acre.  One well was actually drilled through the terrazzo floor of the Kilgore National Bank that once stood in theRead more…

Kilgore Snowhill Festival


The event will take place over two days—Friday, November 21 (5-9 pm) & Saturday, November 22 (4-9 pm) and will be located in Downtown Kilgore on Commerce Street. Join in on the fun of two Snowhills, a giant Snowglobe, Santa & Mrs. Claus, activities for children, a bicycle give-away and much more! There will be food vendors & merchandise vendors for all your holiday shopping needs!   Print the Sponsor Level Information here.   Print your Snowhill Exhibitor Application here.

Annual Kilgore Christmas Parade

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Parade Application 2014The Annual Christmas Parade, hosted by the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce, will be held Tuesday, December 2nd at 6:30pm. It will travel through historic downtown Kilgore.  The parade features over 100 entries represented by businesses, organizations and civic and youth groups.  1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards are given to best  use of theme and overall presentation each for business and non-profit.

Golf Course Attractions


Eight courses are within a 30-minute drive. Kilgore is the home of two courses: Meadowbrook Golf & Event Center,  includes a 9 hole golf course, a full-service kitchen, ballroom, and corporate meeting room, and the Firehouse Bar and Grill. Membership is available.  Shallow Creek Golf Club, an 18 hole public course with memberships available. Meadowbrook Golf & Event Center - 903-984-3155 Shallow Creek Golf Club – 903-984-4513

Welcome to the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau


As a quiet rural community in the fall of 1930, Kilgore suddenly saw its name emblazoned across Texas after discovery of oil in and around the city. Near the heart of the East Texas oilfield, the largest in the lower 48 states. Kilgore at one time boasted a single downtown city block with the densest concentration of oil derricks in the world. In late summer 1931, as tumultuous conditions persisted in the burgeoning new “boomtown,” the state sent a star of its own, legendary Texas Ranger Manuel T. (Lone Wolf) Gonzaullas, to help restore order. And during World War II, oil from East Texas field literally helped “fuel” the efforts of the Allies. More than 80 oil derricks dot the Kilgore skyline today, all topped with lighted stars as reminders that our country’s Stars and Stripes waves free, due in large part to the contribution East Texas oil made toRead more…