E4 Program

The E4 program is a revised and infused program formerly called Leadership Kilgore. The program team has worked diligently to breathe new life into this leadership training program. The purpose of the E4 program is provide more in-depth corporate leadership training; motivate and encourage community leadership; build confidence in self while building new business and personal relationships; and develop personal leadership characteristics and skills within the individual.

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey to be enlightened through education, empowered through experiences and building of relationships and ultimately become engaged as a leader at your business and in the community.


  • EMBARK participant on a new journey to grow professionally and personally through leadership skills training and relationship building.
  • ENLIGHTEN participant by engaging them in an in-depth knowledge of issues and inner workings of all aspects of the community.
  • EMPOWER participant through unique perspectives and experiences to strengthen their confidence and values.
  • ENGAGE participant to become a knowledgeable and trained leader who can and will have a positive impact on their business community and workplace.


Application Submission Deadline: 2021-22 Class in progress.  Next class will begin in 10/2023

Class Selection: Complete

Acceptance Notification: Complete

E4 Program Timeline: October, 2021 – May, 2022

Interested in Leadership Training for yourself or employees? Check out the program information below.

Program Application & Guidelines