Why Join the Kilgore Area Chamber of Commerce

The Kilgore Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice for business and a catalyst organization that ensures the Kilgore area is a vibrant place to do business, work, live and visit. We’re here to serve our members and help you engage, influence and impact your business and the community. We want to help your business succeed!

Several studies have been done to share the best reasons to join your local chamber of commerce.  Take a moment to read them.  And take a moment to listen to a couple member testimonials.


The Value of Chamber of Commerce for Business

The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce


Have you ever recognized you are generally so busy working “in” your business that you’re unable to work “on” your business? We work daily for our Member Investors. Here are nine reasons investing in the Kilgore Area Chamber is not a fruitless burden on time, but rather a value-packed benefit to your business.

The Purpose of the Kilgore Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote a strong business and industrial environment in the Kilgore area.

  1. Amplify Your Visibility & Credibility. Out of sight, out of mind! You want to remain in the public’s eye, especially when times are good. Business investors are able to leverage their resources through the Chamber, giving them cutting-edge visibility by standing out from the competition. We impact business by creating a sense of identity through promotion.
  2. Build Relationships through Engagement. There are endless opportunities to make new business contacts, receive qualified referrals and form partnerships that will help you grow your business. People do not do business with a sign on the outside of a building; they do business with real people. When they need something for business or personal use, they turn to the people they have developed a personal relationship with. Build and strengthen your network through one or all 20 plus events and programs designed to connect you and your business with other businesses.
  3. Making Connections! The Kilgore Area Chamber of Commerce provides niche programming for your business to make these connections, such as, Morning Brew, BizConnect Luncheon, BizLinx New Business Reception, STAR Gala, Black Gold Texas Tea – Celebrating Women in Business, Capitol Connect and other events and programs.
  4. Access to Business Leaders. Building relationships is a huge benefit of making an investment in the Chamber. When you invest in the Chamber and get actively involved, you’ll discover the value on your investment through meeting other businesses. You’ll find yourself in situations where you can identify and meet decision-makers face-to-face.
  5. Business Promotion. The Kilgore Area Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of affordable promotion options and sponsorship packages that fit every businesses budget. Being a sponsor provides your business with additional exposure in a cost effective way.
  6. Get Noticed! Let people know you’re in business even if you don’t have time to attend events. Your Chamber investment works for you 24/7 through the new online business directory. Chamber investors are able to utilize the online business directory to further promote their company with new marketing options, including logo, map, and business detail.
  7. Training & Personal Development. The Chamber provides training and personal development programs at affordable prices by spreading the costs among fellow investors. Continuing education for business is important! The Chamber offers seminars/workshops and a leadership training program, E4 Leadership, to advance business development in the workforce. An educated workforce is crucial to your business and our community!
  8. We Are the Voice for Business! Your business is impacted by decisions made outside the community. We represent the business community’s views on local, state and national issues and legislation. There are numerous opportunities for your involvement, including, the bi-annual Trip to Austin to meet with state legislators and government entities face-to-face; and attendance at the Capitol Connect event that brings our state/federal legislators to the table each year to discuss key issues for our community. In addition, the Chamber hosts various Candidate Forums to give voters the opportunity to become better informed about their choices for elected officials during election season. Support us as we represent your company daily on priorities that affect business.
  9. Impact Kilgore’s Economy. Your business benefits from the Chamber’s work to foster a nurturing business environment. The Chamber works daily to improve our economy by working hand-in-hand with key organizations that impact Kilgore. Strengthening the economy and improving the quality of life are a main focus for the Chamber. Member investors are able to be a part of growing the Kilgore area by investing in the Chamber and supporting the role of the staff and board in their daily role to build a stronger economy.

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